Promotional Video

A promotional video is a very flexible tool for promoting your company and communicating with not only your customers but a wider audience who simply want information about your business, hence raising awareness of your company name. Once you have it you can use it for trade shows, DVD mail shots, sales meetings, as well as on the internet.

We specialise in promotional videos for local companies – we know the area and we know how to take your company’s message and broadcast it to a wider audience in a dynamic and impactive way. We only shoot in high definition with Sony & Panasonic 4K cameras, that means your web video can easily be seen on a full HD monitor, or large screen projector at a trade show. We do not charge extra for this format, most local video companies still shoot on standard definition (SD), and will hire in HD equipment – ask them!

Nick and Lynne, Hidden Exmoor said:

‘Working with Phil was an absolute pleasure. His expertise, patience and flexibility was the difference between success and complete failure. The shoot was difficult and requried an experienced pair of hands with the skills to operate a wide range of equipment to capture the shots we needed. Phil delivered all of this both on time and on budget. The end result is a film that not only looks fantastic but is driving new business.’