Video Production

Online video is a powerful tool that can sell, promote, train and educate!  But it’s not just a matter of ‘sticking a YouTube link’ on your site, the videos have to be well made and relevant to the page they are on, or they simply give a negative impression to visitors.

Video Production in Exeter


We have professional expertise in all aspects of video production for commercial, corporate and documentary videos. From pre-production planning to scriptwriting and story boarding, we can handle the whole process for you allowing you to concentrate on the all important content.



We’ll help you choose the format and delivery which suits your needs most. We can also provide full lighting and sound equipment for any occasion, whether your production is shot in the field, a studio or a office; we have the kit to film your project in the best way possible.
All our equipment is modern, we don’t film in redundant formats or use old SD cameras, only 4K or HD is good enough these days!
We own all our equipment, so you will not be paying hire fees at London prices!


Promotional filming company exeter

Web Video upload and hosting

We will also advise you and help you upload your videos to your website, or set up a YouTube or Vimeo account for you. This will generate more hits than a video hosted on your own website.

Post Production

We have high spec PC and Mac based edit suites using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite with Premiere, all are capable of editing and mastering using 4k and HD formats, and can give full resolution external monitoring. We like client involvement in the editing process – we welcome you sitting in as it saves time, you in turn. will love our coffee!