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Welcome to the Exeter Web Video site. We are a web video production company based in Exeter, Devon. We offer a complete video production service creating high impact web videos comprising of a mixture of HD video and innovative motion graphics.

What we do

We know the Exeter area and we know how to take your company’s message and broadcast it to a wider audience in a dynamic and impactive way.

Exeter Web Video..

..is something different!
We are a web video producer in Exeter, we mix cutting edge motion graphics with professionally shot HD video.

Prices start from as little as £495 for a web promo video.

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HD video production

We offer a full range of video production services, from planning, through to scripting filming and editing…

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Motion/3D Graphics

Motion graphics give our videos the edge, putting your message over in a dynamic way that can’t be done entirely by video…

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Stock footage

We can supply stock videos of local places and events, our clips catalogue is growing fast, check here to see …

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Promotional videos

Let us paint a dynamic moving picture of your company with motion graphics and HD video – that’s a promo!..

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About us

Exeter Web Video offers the complete video production service creating high impact videos comprising of a mixture of high quality HD video and innovative motion graphics. We have a sister company called Digitalcut who specialise in conference/event filming and have been in business for over 10 years ago. We are an independent business with our own premises and our own equipment. Unlike some ‘local’ companies you will find on Google, we don’t pretend to do everything, we just specialise in well planned, well filmed/animated videos and have a proven track record.

We know the Exeter business scene well and can take your company’s message and broadcast it to a wider audience in a dynamic and impactive way. Using flexible, cost-effective pricing, we can produce anything your business requires: from a simple video message or product demonstration, to a full corporate or information video. We have expertise in all areas of video production including script writing, production planning, three-camera location shoots using 4K cameras including a Panasonic DVX200, Sony A7Sii, Sony PXW X160s, Lumix GH4s, Autocue, Chromakey Green Screens, Hague K10 motorised crane and Edelkrone motorised slider. We’ll then add the polish to your production with custom made animations and motion graphics, HD editing and post production services.

Putting video on your website will help raise your website’s profile with search engines and make it more customer friendly. This in turn will lead to increased sales and a higher customer satisfaction rating.

New Exeter Web Video Showreel

Quay for blog 300At last we have found time to update our showreel! We added a load of new clips representing just a few of the exciting jobs we have undertaken over the last year. Have a look at the two minute video here.


Lumiere London 2016

Lumiere-LondonWe worked with The Media Workshop at the recent Lumiere London and last year Lumiere Durham producing stunning timelapse and slomo footage for various artists profile videos and a promo to promote the event for next year. Watch the video on the Portfolio page here.

Aerospace Engineering

AerospaceProduced for the University of Exeter Engineering Dept. this video showcases their cutting edge research into composite materials used in the Aerospace industry. Exeter being in the forefront of this research.

University of Exeter Accommodation Video

HallsWe had a great opportunity to produce this accommodation video for The University of Exeter recently. It’s half video half animation, with actual students doing the presentation. Animation was done by our colleagues at Leapfrog Animation, Okehampton.

Technical Services Conference Opener

TS-openProduced  for the University of Exeter Technical Services Conference 2015, this opener video set the tone for the day, giving an insight into the varied work of the staff. The video was well received by the staff and Technical Services. Watch the video on the Portfolio page here.


New Panasonic DVX200, 4K camera upgrade

We have upgraded to the latest 4K and technology. Why 4K?  As well as being broadcast compliant,  it gives superb results for HD web videos, even when rendered back to full HD Youtube standard, far better than a standard HD camera. PLUS in filming 4K you are future proofing your production. Our main camera will be the superb DVX200 from Panasonic. we also have two Sony PXW X160 cameras that are ideal for HD conference work, a super low light DSLR, the Sony A7Sii and two Panasonic GH4s also for stunning 4k and timelapses.

Stock video footage – Exeter and local area

Quay for blog 300We are slowly building up a catalogue of 4k and full HD video clips of local views and events. You can find this footage under the new ‘Stock Video Index’ tab in the menu. Keep checking back as we are working on bring more clips in as we shoot them.



Devon Wildlife Trust

dwt-bloglWe produced this video to highlight the work the Trust does in the Northern Devon Nature Improvement Area, around the Torridge catchment. It looks at local farmer’s views on working the Culm grassland and the help they get from the DWT. Shot largely in 4K it features shots of the beautiful Culm grasslands of North Devon. Have a look at the video on out Portfolio page.

Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences

Sport-&-Health-Sciences-+ANIWe have just finished this video for the University of Exeter Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences Dept, in collaboration with our chums at Leapfrog Animation who produced the superb intro and outro. Have a look and see!


4K video cameras

4k-gh4We have recently added to our array of cameras by buying a pair of Panasonic Lumix GH4s. They record a stunning images using 4k video and along with 6 lenses we are well kitted out. 4K is the future for video, maybe not for broadcast at the moment, but certainly for commercial, corporate and documentary. We are currently shooting a documentary with the kit for Devon Wildlife Trust.